ancient ruin in Argyll

Graveyards of Scotland

St Baedan above Ardchattan

St Baedan, Ardchattan, Argyll

A church, that hasn’t been used for well over 300 years and an old burial ground that was last used in the late 19th century, a place nearly forgotten right next to one of the more prominent sights of Argyll: Ardchattan Priory, burnt down by Cromwell’s troops in 1654.

Ardchattan Priory (16)

St Baedan, Ardchattan, ArgyllA few hundred feet above the old priory, founded in the 13th century, there are the remains of a church that was built two or three hundred years after the founding of the priory: the old Parish Church of Ardchattan, St Baedan or St Baodan (possibly St Modan).

St Baedan, Ardchattan, Argyll

St Baedan, Ardchattan, ArgyllFew gravestones stand around the church ruin, some graves are inside the former building, on holy ground. The buried most likely craftsmen and respected members of the community.

Nobles and monks are buried below around and in the priory chapel.

The ruin enhances the sense of evanescence. Times…

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