the burial site of the Cameron chiefs

Graveyards of Scotland

The burial site is not easy to find for those who are neither Camerons nor locals. It is hidden a few hundred yards behind Achnacarry castle. Nothing indicates where these iron gates lead to, no sign at all to what seems just an overgrown path heading gently uphill. Obviously, not many people come here.

Catriona, kind curator of the Clan Cameron Museum, gave me directions, otherwise I would not have found it. After all, this is not a tourist attraction but the private burial site where the Cameron Chiefs are traditionally laid to rest.

the origin of the Clan Cameron

There are various theories about the beginning of this clan. One says the Camerons, and the Clan Chattan shared a common origin, another, the Camerons came out of the Macgillonies. There’s also the belief, that the Camerons are descendants of the royal Danish line, since a Danish prince they…

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