the pioneer pilot and the Spaniards of Strathbran

Graveyards of Scotland

Cnoc na Bhain is a fair hill, indeed. Some say (in this case Wikipedia) it is one of the most beautiful graveyards in Scotland and this certainly seems true on a stunningly sunny and clear winter’s day. Access is difficult, you have to park the car down at Achanalt train station and walk up the hill, where the graveyard tops the curves like a crown.

It is not just a picturesque graveyard, but one that holds a few surprises: it has a Spanish connection. Entering the graveyard, one passes a large boulder with various plaque attached. The one on top dedicated to the Marquesa de Torre Hermosa. This is not a Highland name so what is the story?

The next clue on this intriguing mystery on the breathtakingly beautiful burial site is the name Bignold. Written in stone on the rather stern looking mausoleum to the side of the graveyard…

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