You have murdered your Prince!

Graveyards of Scotland

Glenmoriston has seen many tragic events during the course of history but the most memorable is the heroic death of Roderick Mackenzie in 1746. His grave is right at the roadside (A87) not far away from Dalreichart burial ground on the other side of Caochan a’ Cheannaich, the river that was named after Roderick Mackenzie, the merchantman from Edinburgh, the Gaelic name means “small stream of the merchantman” or even the “small stream of the head” since it is here, Roderick Mackenzie lost his.

He had fought with his prince at Culloden, Mackenzie actually had been the bodyguard of the Prince. In the aftermath of the fatal battle, Roderick Mackenzie was trying to escape the deadly government troops of the Duke of Cumberland and so did Charles Edward Stuart.

Somehow word had got round that the Prince was hiding near Loch Ness, where Mackenzie was trying to make his…

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