Like most folk in this world there are many things I’m passionate about. I have been fortunate to work in industries, which allowed me to do some on the things I wanted to do in my life, shipbuilding & engineering on the River Clyde, composing, recording and playing music and computer engineering & networks.
While these three careers have gave me a great working life so far, their beginnings and endings have been more the product of circumstance and economics rather than by deliberate intention.

However, there are three other things I would have loved to have done professionally. history, politics and photography. Whether I would have been any good at them is another matter, but the reason for this blog is to facilitate my passion for specifically two of them, history and photography. I’m not planning to bore you with the finite details of Scotland’s history or present professional quality photography, but I will endeavour to present to you many different subjects and many of the places where history in Scotland can be found and present it with the best pictures and text I can at the time.
I have no intention of placing restrictions on what historical subjects I choose to publish, whether it happened 8 thousand years ago or 4 months ago, whether it’s ancient, religious, medieval, natural, Jacobite, social or political history, its history.

I hope that what I present to you here may inform you and make you see how easy and accessible Scotland’s history can be.

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